About Pier Trucker Association (PTA)

Who we Represent

Throughout the US & Canada there are men and women that keep the economy moving every day! They are the Port Truckers moving Import and Export ocean containers, across our region and others. For many this means extended periods of time over the road, and countless hours sitting in lines and terminals. Without the Port Truckers we would not have many of the everyday items that we depend on, and items that we enjoy!

There are many Associations, Unions, and other organizations that represent various workers across many different industries. Although we recognize the deep contribution and sacrifice that all workers and truck drivers make, we represent the Port Truckers. Our members are Owner Operators and Port Drayage trucking companies. Our members see the value in advocacy, equality, collective bargaining, community, support, and access to resources!

Our Mission

Pier Trucker Association has only one mission! That is to lobby, negotiate, and protect the rights of our members and their livelihood

Who we Are

Pier Trucker Association has a diverse and multicultural Board of Directors, that embrace diversity and culture. Our Board is comprised of former truck drivers and owner operators! Whom have since met the challenges of our industry and are now business leaders, CEO’s, consultants, and provide industry analytics! We are proud to have them serve our members, community, and local Transportation Clubs!

Why Should I Join PTA

We understand the Port Drayage Industry and the unique set of challenges that the Port Trucker faces daily! Pier Trucker Association was founded specifically for the needs of our members, and to fill the lack of representation that was desperately needed!

Pier Trucker Association (PTA) provides its members with a strong backing, and knowledgeable team of industry professionals and legal advisors! Through our various platforms and relationships, we find a common ground to resolve complex matters.


Our membership has no enrollment fees or contracts! All membership dues can be paid monthly or on an annual basis. For owner operators there is a monthly cost of only $10.00 and for companies, $100.00 per month. All standard memberships include a PTA sticker and monthly news letter.

Company Spotlight

For companies that are interested in being featured on the Pier Trucker Association website, please request additional information at: 206.914.3230 or president@piertrucker.org